Welcome to Christ Church; we’d love you to come and visit our church – there’s more information about us below.

Rev Teresa Waynne
The Vicar; Revd Teresa Wynne

At Christ Church nobody is ever expected to fit into a religious straight-jacket: we come in all shapes and sizes, personalities, traditions and backgrounds ….and you are welcome!

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At Christ Church we try to follow the example that Jesus set of accepting everyone who came to him. So we try to be an inclusive church where anyone can feel welcome.  You don’t need to be a member to come here or ask permission, churches are community resources and you can just turn up at any service.

We’re in the liberal catholic tradition of the Church of England. What does that mean? Well – put as simply as possible (which isn’t easy) we place Holy Communion (the Eucharist) at the centre of a lot of our worship because we believe that that can enable us to encounter God.

We believe in the ministry of both men and women as bishops, priests and deacons and affirm the ministry of lay people.

We believe that we are called to serve the community in which we live, so we support the Food Bank, the Winter Night Shelter, Safer Places refuge and local charities and we run a parent and toddler group. Community groups are welcome to use our premises.

Church to us is not about being preoccupied with rules and regulations – it’s about being part of a group of ordinary, fun –loving, generous, decent people who have committed their lives to God and try to share his love with those around us. Being part of Christ Church is like becoming part of a large family.

We consider that church, and the help we provide, is not a ‘members only’ club – but open to and available to everyone who needs it. Jesus didn’t ask if people were ‘in his gang’ before he broke bread with them or healed them, taught them or ministered to them… and neither do we.

We are also in a Local Ecumenical Partnership with the Methodist Church and we work and worship together.