New to Church?

We know that coming to church for the first time can be a daunting experience; our mission at Christ Church is to make you feel as  welcome as possible. We have a variety of services for people of different ages and preferences, because we know that people come in all  shapes and sizes, personalities, traditions and backgrounds…and we don’t mind because everyone is accepted as they are.

We won’t mind if your children make a noise,

we won’t mind if you don’t know what to do,

we won’t mind if you have never been to church before.

Our church is not a private club – it is open to, and for, everybody. It’s for those who have faith or who have none, those who have made mistakes, those who are trying to make sense of their lives, those whom everyone else has given up on. 

We know we’re not perfect and we don’t expect you to be! We’re here to help each other, to try to follow Jesus’ teaching of loving our neighbour as ourselves – and to try to do whatever we can to make our world a kinder, fairer place. 

And YOU are welcome.